Who Are We?

At Steadfast Coverage the mission is to find individuals across the United States affordable life insurance coverage. Each life insurance company will evaluate you differently. At Steadfast Coverage, an experienced licensed agent will compare over 25 top-rated life insurance companies to find you the lowest rates available. Remember, we work for you, not for any one insurance company.

What Makes us Unique?

  • Our vast knowledge, experience and underwriting expertise means we know what companies will view your unique circumstance favorably. We are impaired-risk specialists. We evaluate each case through our pre-screening process in order to match you with the right insurance company for your unique needs. Even if you have been declined previously,we will work on getting you covered.
  • We educate and inform. There are no high-pressure sales tactics, only reliable advice. Our service does not end after the application either. We will keep you informed throughout the entire underwriting process and assist you with scheduling any exams or fulfilling outstanding requirements needed by the insurance company. We will be there for any service requests or questions you may have even after the policy is issued. We will not inconvenience you with unwanted correspondences. However, when you need us, we will be there.
  • We will earn your trust before we earn your business. We are committed to you and your family, not any individual insurance company. Our independence allows us to provide unbiased objective solutions. Simply put, we take care of of our clients first.

Who do We Work With?
Our clients usually fall into three categories:

Clients who are looking for “no-medical-exam” life insurance. Their concerns usually include securing coverage in an expedient manner. They are looking for a streamlined application process. They generally are seeking death benefits of $500,000 or lower, and do not want the added hassle of a medical exam. While a fully-underwritten policy can take 4-6 weeks on average for a decision, a non-med policy can potentially be approved in under 48 hours after a brief online application. These clients value our exemplary customer service and the ease of purchase that we provide.

Clients who are seeking advice on the best companies with the best rates. Their concerns are finding the company that will give them the best rate. They may have an existing health condition, such as sleep apnea. They may smoke. They may participate in an adventurous activity, such as SCUBA diving. In some instances, they may have been declined for coverage previously and are looking for another option. These clients value our thorough underwriting expertise and informative approach during the pre-screening process.

Clients who are seeking the peace of mind of covering their funeral and final expenses. These clients are concerned with leaving their loved ones with the large burden of funeral and burial costs, and they want to make arrangements for these expense before they pass away. They are looking for death benefits of $7,000-$25,000. These clients appreciate our counsel and informative approach of our pre-screening process in order to recommend the right company for their final expense needs.

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