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Written by Joseph Cirillo

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp is operated by a UNIFI Mutual Holding Company, based in Nebraska, along with several other life insurance companies. It has been in operation for over 125 years, and has obviously undergone numerous changes, makeovers, and significant expansions over the years. If you have been looking for a solid, reliable, professional, and certified life insurance company, they don’t come much better and more experienced than Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

The UNIFI Mutual Holding Company that operates Ameritas has an exceptional “A” rating from A.M. Best for financial strength. Ameritas has also earned a very strong “A+” rating from the Standard and Poor’s, making it an outstanding life insurance company.

Company Overview

Headquarters: 5900 O Street Lincoln, NE 68510

Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation was established in 1887, and is a subsidiary of Ameritas Mutual Holding Company. The name it was established under was ‘The Old-Line Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska (Bankers Life)’. They changed their name from Bankers Life to Ameritas Life in 1988, after which the company went rapid transformation. Ameritas does business in New York, under the name Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York (Ameritas Life of NY).

Ameritas Mutual Holding Company is a financial powerhouse, and has funds that are worth in the billions. The company has total assets of 25.8 billion under their management, and serve more than 3.8 million customers. If you wanted to work with a powerhouse life insurance company, Ameritas is one of the biggest, and has around $88.7 billion life insurance inforce.

One thing most people don’t know is that Ameritas is a mutual insurance company, which means that the owners of the company are the policyholders. This ensures that the company is operated to maximize profits for policyholders, and not for stockholders.

Still confused? Here is what a mutual insurance company is:

What is a mutual insurance company?

Mutual insurance companies are privately held, and are run for the benefit of policyholders, and not for benefiting stockholders. Ameritas Life pays annual cash dividends to all its policyholders, and the amount paid to the policyholders will be decided by the board of directors.

Financial strength and customer service ratings

Ameritas Life mentions clearly on their website that they measure their success by the number of people they have helped over the years. The company has impressive financial strength, which is shown in the ratings given to them by the biggest insurance rating organizations.

  • A.M. Best – “A – Excellent”
  • Standard & Poor’s (S&P) – “A+ Strong”

Ameritas Life was rated by A.M. among the top-five group dental and vision insurance providers, after looking at the company’s impressive operating performances. The life insurance sales of Ameritas Life have also exceeded industry averages, which clearly shows that people have faith in Ameritas Life.

Ameritas Life is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, with an impressive ‘A+ Rating’. The best thing about Ameritas Life is that they don’t have to obtain a BBB accreditation, but they still do it, because they want customers to measure the performance of the company.

Benchmark Portal’s Center of Excellence awarded the claims contact center of Ameritas Life with an excellence award. Ameritas’s contact center has also been accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC).  The URAC is an organization responsible for accrediting preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and health plans.

Insurance and Financial Products

Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation offers an extensive range of  insurance and financial consumers to all consumers in the United States. However, their main insurance product is their life insurance with living benefits. So, let’s look at their main product in greater detail:

Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Term

The main product from Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation is there living benefits term insurance. It is designed to help protect individuals and their families in case of serious medical conditions or death. The best thing is that it is affordable, and comes with living benefits and death benefits.

The living benefits are paid to the policy holder, and are completely flexible to meet the needs of the individual. It comes with chronic illness, terminal illness, and critical illness benefits, which protect the family in case anything happens to the policy holder.

Ameritas FLX Index Universal Life Insurance

This is a different kind of life insurance, because it grows cash value and pays out money to family members if the policyholder dies. It comes with death benefit protection, index-linked cash value accumulation, living benefits, and income for life.

The death benefits offered by the Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Index UL will provide your family with financial relief, with a tax advantage, and additional protection, which comes in the form of:

  • Children’s insurance
  • Waiver of specified premium
  • Guaranteed insurability
  • Accidental death benefit

The best thing is that this insurance policy builds cash value over time, which helps the policyholder overcome the different challenges of life.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of great life insurance service providers around today, but few can match Ameritas Life Insurance in terms of financial and health insurance products. The strong financial strength ratings of the company have instilled confidence in consumers as well. There is also a free downloadable app for Android and Apple for preferred dental network providers.

One of the main reasons Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation is highly rated in the industry, is because they have an exceptional track record in delivering outstanding services. The claims service center of Ameritas Life has won numerous awards.

Our Advice

If you are looking for a quality, reliable, and experienced life insurance policy service provider, you can’t look past Ameritas Life Insurance. They are one of the biggest in the industry, and are highly regarded by everyone. Their customer service and support is legendary, as they take their members very seriously, and are committed to delivering exceptional services.

They have lots of different policies, and provide outstanding value for money. Our advice would be to choose Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation for any life insurance policy.

Company Contact Information

To find more information about what health insurance and financial products are offered by Ameritas, you can visit the Ameritas website today.

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